Elmo has to be my very favorite Muppet, it used to Miss Piggy growing up, but Elmo has captured my heart. He's just so cute you want to squeeze his little furry cheeks. Elmo is suppose to be a 3 year old who teaches kids great lessons, and they usually listen. The documentary explores what it takes to be Elmo, which is 50 year old Kevin Clash's job.

Kevin Clash is the man and voice that brings Elmo to life everyday. Constance Marks is the documentarian that followed Kevin and Elmo around with a camera capturing their adventure.

As a child Kevin's mom taught him to sew. He decided puppets were his passion and he made them by hand. Kids teased him about playing with dolls and the such but now those same "kids" are eating their words. Kevin is a millionaire and has a great career going. Not everyone knows who Kevin Clash is but they sure know who Elmo is!

Constance and Kevin have been asked if doing this documentary spoils the "illusion" of the puppets. They both say NO. Kevin says that kids keep their imagination and that they see him as just someone who is "carrying" Elmo. They don't even look at him when he's talking, they are looking straight at Elmo.

Kevin has played Elmo for 25 years and says he enjoys the ad-libbing and simplicity of life that comes through Elmo.

Who doesn't smile when Elmo is around, you just can't help it. I can't wait to see this movie, here is a sneak peek at the trailer.