More than four decades after his debut album, 'Old Five and Dimers Like Me', Billy Joe Shaver continues to create great music. The outlaw country legend's newest offering, 'Long in the Tooth' is out this summer, and on at least one track, he'll be enlisting help from his longtime friend, Willie Nelson.

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Shaver's first studio album in seven years (he's released 2 live albums since) will be out August 5th. When we talked to Billy Joe earlier this year, he told us that the new CD will consist of all new material, and that "They're real, real good".

The track list includes 'It's Hard to Be an Outlaw' featuring Willie. If that song title sounds familiar, that's because Nelson recorded his version of it for his 'Band of Brothers' album that came out in June. Another song, 'The Git Go', is also featured on both albums.

While the new Billy Joe Shaver CD has all the markings of everything we've come to expect from the legendary songwriter-singer, he does take a different direction, by trying his hand at rapping on the title track of 'Long in the Tooth'. Yes. Billy Joe Shaver raps. It's a talent that Shaver tells Rolling Stone came pretty naturally. He says, "I didn't know it was that easy. I took a crank at it and went crazy and did it."

You can pre-order 'Long in the Tooth' on CD and vinyl now through Take a listen to the Billy Joe-Willie version of 'Hard to Be an Outlaw' here:

Billy Joe Shaver - Hard to Be an Outlaw [feat. Willie Nelson]

 Billy Joe Shaver - Long in the Tooth - Track Listing

1.  Hard To Be An Outlaw
2.  Long in the Tooth
3.  The Git Go
4.  Sunbeam Special
5.  I'll Love You As Much As I Can
6.  Last Call For Alcohol
7.  Checkers and Chess
8.  American Me
9.  I'm in Love
10.  Music City USA