There's a video circulating about Gary Haynes, a high school football player who throws a football into an open field, then races under it to catch his own pass. Some have questioned the authenticity of the 6-second clip, but just as quickly, we have another athlete that proves the feat is not so far-fetched.

Michigan quarterback Shane Morris shows us his skills in this Vine post, as he accomplishes the same stunt. Obviously, Morris throws the ball higher in the air than the Haynes video, giving him more time to get underneath it. But we should note that the U-M sophomore didn't exactly sprint to get to the ball, caught some 25 yards away from where he threw it. Maybe it's the Wolverines fan in me talking, but knowing his arm strength, I think Morris could have completed a pass to himself from 35 or more yards. Take a look, and tell me if I'm wrong.

Go Blue!