I remember Halley's comet do you?  It was 25 years ago, which doesn't seem possible, but it was 1986 when the comet was last visible to us.  Now we can see meteors that are spawned by the comet.This Friday May6th, is the best chance of seeing the meteor shower.  The only thing is you're going to have to look low to the horizon and stay up pretty late or get up pretty early, about 3am.  Those of you who got up to watch the Royal Wedding should have no problem with this.

What does all of this have to do with Halley's comet?  Well these meteors are the result of  space litter left behind from Halley's comet.  The comet circles the sun every 75 years but there are 2 times a year in which you can see the remnants left by the comet.  You can see it in mid-October and now in early-May.  So get your cameras ready and set your alarms and don't miss it.  By the way if you missed  Halley's comet in 1986;  it won't be back until 2061!!

For more detailed information check out EarthSky's website.