Mary Kay Ash is the woman behind all the "pink" make-up known as Mary-Kay Cosmetics. She founded the company in 1963 and turned it into a $2 billion dollar empire. Not only did Mary Kay make money but she made sure her consultants did as well and were handsomely rewarded when meeting goals; usually with "pink" Cadillacs and now other pink vehicles too. She loved the color pink so much that when she had her mansion built in 1984 is was PINK too! Now that mansion is for sale and you can have it for a mere $3.3 million.

The home of the late Mary-Kay Ash (died in 2001) is located in Dallas and was first put on the market in 2007 for $5.7 million. The home is set on an acre of property, is 11,874 sq.ft., has 6 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, a wine cellar, elevator, seven fireplaces, neo-classical swimming pool and everything inside is pink. The counter tops, bathtubs, even a pink quartz toilet--all pink.

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