I have always thought songs were more than short poems, they are full blown stories that can be told in about 3:30 minutes. The latest video from Little Big Town however, is more like a mini movie and it has a bone to pick with someone.

The video starts with an old man sitting on a rickety porch, a woman hanging laundry and black birds everywhere. The sky is gray and ominous. The band, all dressed in black, come walking down the street and everyone in town goes inside and locks their doors. They seem to know something is up.

Then the song starts and the words are "I'm a tornado, looking for a soul to steal". There is a woman and man in a house, and it seems he has been a not so nice person and is trying to leave quickly. He's packing his suitcase to make a fast get away because he knows troubles about to catch up with him.

He heads out the back door when Little Big Town walk through the front door. He gets caught in a string of barbed wire and can't go anywhere. The group walks up on him, grabs what belongs to them, and leave him there to get out of his own mess.

The song makes so much more sense now after seeing the video. I'm still not sure I like it, it's so different for the group, especially after their summer hit Pontoon. That was a fun song, this one's not fun. However, it fits the dreary winter seasons. I'm sure this will be another big hit for Little Big Town.

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