As KEAN 105 prepares for Kyle Park to take the Lucky Mule stage on Friday night(6/21) for the Free Summer Concert Series, he took the time to check in with the KEAN 105 afternoon show. One thing you'll notice when you listen to our conversation is that Park is a genuinely nice guy who's highly motivated, and not afraid to let you know what's on his mind.

The first portion of my interview with Kyle Park included talk about 'True Love', his latest #1 single on the Texas music charts, as well as the next song he's offering up for radio play off his new CD, 'Beggin' For More'. He tells us, "We're putting together a music video for it,'s in tribute to one of my idols and probably one of your favorite singers, George Strait. I took 31 George Strait song titles, and rolled them all into one song. Made a story, and, that song, really, I stole every word to this song that I'm talking about. It'll be on radio in a couple weeks, and the video will be on I'm looking forward to seeing how that does.". He also promises that the new single will be a great song to dance to.

In the second segment, Kyle talked about how ready he is to start working on the next CD. Kyle told us, "We made this album, what, 6,7,8 months ago. It took all that time for production and duplication, and promotion and all that managerial stuff. But the truth is that I've been ready to put out new music since the day I finished that record...with that being said, even though the album is only 3 months, 2 1/2 months old, I will already be back in the studio next month recording new music.". And with the new project, Park plans to take a different approach when he gets into the recording studio. Take a listen to Kyle's full explanation.

The final segment of my conversation with Kyle Park had him discussion his ambitious nature, and how he's never happy with any level of success. Despite the fact that 'Beggin' For More' is charting nationally, Kyle is always looking for a bigger challenge. "The truth is, like any musician, any artist, any business, I'd love to spread my music across the nation and further." Kyle goes to say "The cool thing about Texas country specifically is that the fans have really driven this brand of music and this lifestyle...I want to continue doing that forever...I'm never content. As soon as we start playing national, I want to go worldwide, as soon as we go worldwide, I'll want to start playing music on Mars, you know, I'll do whatever I can.". Here's the rest of my interview with Kyle Park:

Great guy! We look forward to having Kyle on the KEAN 105 Free Summer Concert Series, and wish him the best moving forward. Get more information about Kyle from his official website, and be sure to 'Like' him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter, too.