I am going to be featuring an artist each week that touches me in some special way. It could be a funny story, a song that has special meaning, or just an artist I've always admired. I chose Keith Urban as my first spotlight artist because I've seen him grow as an artist and I've met him on a couple of occasions and he is just a super nice guy.

I first became aware of Keith Urban not long after I started working for KEAN almost 20 years ago. He, at the time, was the frontman for a group called The Ranch. Honestly, the group didn't do all that well and before long Keith went solo.

He has an incredible talent for playing the guitar and his looks don't hurt. I was pretty smitten. Then I met him and that sealed the deal. He was super nice and very humble. Some artists think very highly of themselves and don't have time for people. He hasn't seemed to change much over the years either.

A few years back I was in Memphis during the St. Jude Radiothon conference. There were about 800 radio people there along with a sprinkling of artists. Keith just happened to walk into the same elevator as I. He said 'hello' as he got on and we stood arm to arm and I swear not one person on that elevator said a word. It was kind of funny, because we've all met him and it's not often that you can get a room (or elevator) full of DJ's to not talk. It was like we were all stunned and speechless. He got off and everyone just looked at each other and laughed.

Two years ago he was the entertainment at the same conference, this time celebrating 25 years. He was the same nice guy I had seen years before and put on a great show. He's one of those guys that is good but he doesn't flaunt it, his music speaks for it's self and his humbleness speaks volumes to the person he is.

Here are a couple of my favorite Keith Urban videos to enjoy.

Somebody Like You

Your Everything