Today of all days people need to laugh. It's been a tough day of remembering. If you are like me you've watched the programs on t.v. and you get a little depressed. So I turned to YouTube to find some humor and replace the depression. I hope you can laugh a little too.

I found a bunch of videos called "Just For Laughs-Gags". I believe this is a television program from Europe, kind of like the old Candid Camera show here. They play pranks on unsuspecting people to get their reactions on camera. Their expressions are priceless.

This first video is a guy that sits on a bench in the park, when someone sits next to him he gets up to leave and seemingly rips a hole in the back of his pants. Now he has an accomplice sitting on the other side of the bench with some velcro to make the ripping sound. The peoples faces are hilarious. (I will warn you there is a nude booty in this video.)

These people are shopping at the grocery store, minding their own business when someone comes along and steals the groceries from their cart. You put that specially picked out piece of meat into your cart and someone comes along and takes it you wouldn't be happy either, check these people out. One lady gets pretty upset when the woman takes her flowers from her basket.

This video is hilarious. A man in a remote controlled wheelchair drops his remote and asks passersby to get his remote, that's when the fun starts. They think they've pushed a button that makes the wheelchair take off and crash into a bunch of boxes. What's really funny is when the man in the wheelchair stands up and helps move his chair from the boxes.