Some of you may not be fans of the show but you should have been watching last night. The show was about personal stories of the guest dancers. You may or may not know of JR Martinez but he has an incredible story and he shared it last night; everyone was in tears.

I didn't know who he was before the show started. He is a soldier who fought in Iraq, he then landed a role on a soap opera and now may just win this seasons DWTS. He's a really good dancer but it wasn't just the dancing last night that was incredible. It was his story.

JR shared his story and photos of being injured in Iraq at the age of 19 during his tour. He was driving a truck that hit a mine and exploded. JR was severely burned and went through many surgeries and a lot of tough days to get where he is now. At times even thinking that he would have been better off having just died. His mother got him through those days telling him that "whoever was in his life for whatever reason, they were there because of WHO he was not what he looked like."

Last nights dance was dedicated to the soldiers who never came home and was set to Tim McGraw's song "If You're Reading This" about a soldier who leaves a letter to family and if they are reading it then he didn't make it home.

It was a tearful, heartwarming performance. You could have heard a pin drop during the performance and he received a huge standing ovation afterwards. Even the judges where choked up.

His story and performance from last night follows. Grab a kleenex!