When Jeremy Gillard has good news to share, he makes his announcement memorable. It may take a while to sink in, but if you were witness, you won't soon forget that Gillard announced his band, Holloway, had signed a management deal with AMC Nashville. Not because of how he announced it, but because of the day. April Fool's Day.

Jeremy unintentionally fooled me, dozens of his fans and friends on Facebook, and even fooled his mom by making such a life-changing announcement on a day when everyone is looking over their shoulder, waiting to be pranked. The deal he signed was real, but it took a little convincing to make me, his mom, and his friends and fans believe it was real. In Gillard's visit to the KEAN Afternoon Show, he explains that the way things unfolded was very fitting for his band. "I didn't realize the day. I was excited, I signed it, we posted it on Facebook, and then I got slammed by, like, 200 people going 'yeah, right, April Fools...Good job...yeah, nice.' And of course then you've gotta go, 'No, really!'. And so we end up having to re-post the next day. I think I called my mom again the next day, because even she didn't believe me...but still awesome nonetheless. But yeah, it couldn't have worked out any better. For us, it was only fitting that we did it on April Fools."

Gillard's band name is currently in transition, so he spent some time trying to explain that to us. He tells us, "We were originally the Bush-Holloway Band. We went through some lineup changes and became Holloway. Lost Bush and grabbed another Holloway, so we have three Holloways in the band actually - father, daughter and son - and we then...we actually signed a management contract with AMC Nashville and in the interim, we're looking at possibly - most definitely - having to re-change the name again." For the record, the new, permanent name for Jeremy's band is Flatop Gypsy. No fooling.

Jeremy gave us some insight as to what you can expect at a show, and he made it clear that his band can be whatever the crowd wants them to be. "We run the gamut. We'll do Conway Twitty and Avenged Sevenfold all in the same set. It's possible. Not probable, but possible...We have a set list for each set that we do. We may not play it exact. Depends on the crowd. We'll even ask the crowd, you know, 'How are you feeling? Do you want something slow? You want something fast?'. We might throw in an older Bon Jovi song, or we might throw in a newer Jason Aldean song."

Take a listen to the entire interesting conversation with Jeremy Gillard here:

Whatever their name, Gillard's band is solid. They put on a great show, and are deserving of any level of success they reach. Congratulations to Jeremy and his band on the management deal, and we hope they will still be able to come back and join the KEAN Afternoon Show down the road. You can keep track of the band and their latest news, show dates and more on the official website.