I remember when Garth Brooks retired, he said he had more money than his grandkids' grandkid's could spend. A little arrogant but more than true. It was nice for him to be able to go into "dad mode" and watch his 3 girls grow up; two of which are now in college. The last couple of years or so he's had a show in Vegas and now it's rumored that he will be touring come 2014.

He's been in Las Vegas playing a residency at the Encore Theater in the Wynn Hotel. Last weekend wrapped up that 3 year run and it looks like Garth has the itch to get back to touring. His last tour was 16 years ago (man time flies) and their was no one bigger than Garth.

Steve Wynn, owner of the hotel, kind of let the cat out of the bag during his introduction of Garth for the last performance, saying that Garth is ready to get back to touring. Garth hasn't said in so many words that he's definitely headed back to touring but he hasn't denied it either. The only thing he as said is that one daughter is two years from graduating high school and then he will see what happens.

Would you go see Garth on tour again or do you think his day has past?

I would expect a studio album to be in the works for next year and then a tour for 2014. That's just my thinking. We will keep you informed on this for sure!