This is the story of a young man who came to this country from war torn Sudan and is now a college graduate who has plans to become a doctor.  He's not just a college graduate but an Ivy League college graduate, Columbia University to be exact.

A refugee from Sudan steps off of a plane at the age of 16 with nothing but a backpack with a few belongings.  He is taken in by a foster family, goes to school, learns English, studies hard and gets into college.  Not only does he get into college but it's an Ivy League school, Columbia University.

He now wants to go on to medical school to be a doctor.  Once he has done that he then wants to return to Sudan to treat and help the people of his homeland.

These are the stories we want to hear of refugees coming to this country and becoming something incredible. These are the ones who deserve all we can give them, because they have aspirations to become the best they can be and give back what they received. They are grateful. They don't just want a handout from our government or country. They show the success that can be achieved when given an opportunity. These are the people that make you proud you live in America, the "land of opportunity". Check out this young mans great story.