The Big Country had a special rooting interest in Season 4 of 'The Voice', when Team Blake picked up Holly Tucker. Tucker has family ties to Abilene and Clyde, and is a student at Baylor in Waco. Holly is paying back our loyalty with a special concert at Clyde High School on Sunday (11/24), and stopped by to talk about the show, her experience on The Voice, and play and sing for us (on her Blake Shelton gift guitar!).

The first part of my conversation with Holly Tucker included discussing what her 'The Voice' experience, telling us, "I always just say it was the most amazing experience of my life. I learned a lot about myself as a person, and it was a real growing experience for me.". Holly talked about being around some of the biggest stars in music, and how everybody on 'The Voice' was there to help her grow and improve as a performer, and what she learned about being in the spotlight. She says, "People just want to see that you're real, and that's exactly what I am." Here's the first part of my interview with Holly Tucker:

The second part of my conversation included her plan for the Clyde concert, a benefit for Meals on Wheels. Along with performing with backing from a full band, Holly says, "I'm going to be presenting lots of stories from behind the scenes that maybe people haven't ever heard before, and just little tidbits that people don't know about me. Lots of things like that that make people feel like they're a part. Because I feel like that's really important here.". Holly talked about the guitar that Blake Shelton gave her, saying "Brand new guitar! I've never had anything this nice was a gift for me and the Swon Brothers and's just for 'Team Blake'. It's because he loves us.". Tucker then proceeded to play her Blake guitar for us. Check it out here:

The last part of my interview with Holly Tucker "I think it's a waste of time to be anything other than yourself. I mean, why pretend to be somebody else? Just be who you are.". Holly also discussed her new Christmas single, called 'All About a Baby'. Tucker confesses that she came across it, and immediately said "I've got to record this song". Listen to the rest of my conversation with Holly Tucker here:

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