What do a Hollywood boutique, Amazon.com and the Hells Angels all have in common? A lawsuit.
The Hells Angels are going back to court but it's not what you think; this time it's by choice. They are the ones doing the suing.

The Hells Angels, a world wide club,are suing over trade mark infringement. The boutique called Wildfox and Amazon.com are both being sued because of t-shirts that the Angels feel are using their name and a part of their trademark. This isn't the first of this type suit put forth by the Angels. They have also sued designer Alexander McQueen, a comic book company and even Disney.

The skull and wings logo that they sport called "death head" are part of the trademark they feel is being used without their permission. The t-shirt in question says "my boyfriend is a hells angel" on the front and has a pair of wings on the back.



Amazon.com has dropped the t-shirt from their online store but there are others still selling it; at this point it doesn't look like they have been added to this suit. So if you are wanting the t-shirt check out the link.

I don't see that the shirt looks anything like the trademark "death head" in question.  However, they are using the name "Hells Angels" and that is in fact trademarked.  It is their right, by law, to protect their name and moniker. I'm sure we will hear more about this in the coming months.   It just seems strange at first, usually they try to evade the law and now they are running to it instead.