Heather Roberts is a talented singer-songwriter from the D/FW area. She recently made her way to Abilene to talk about her new single, 'The Truth' and share some details about herself and her music.

In the first part of my conversation with Heather, she explained how she got the nickname "HeRo" (her first and last name, abbreviated). She tells us, "I didn't even figure that out. I had that name for at least, I don't know, 9-10 years, and one of my friends was like, 'you're hero!'. And I'm like, 'okay, I'm sold'...it's funny cause whenever I say 'HeRo', and on my guitar strap it says 'HeRo' and I try to explain it. My website's TheHeRoBand.com, and some people don't always get it. I don't have a huge ego. It's like J-Lo. I'm just HeRo." Roberts talked about how she was born and raised in Ft. Worth, but lives in a very small town now. "I'm from Godley. I lied to you. I thought we only had one stoplight...we just got our second stoplight in Godley, so we're doing pretty good now.".

Heather also talked about her new CD which is coming out in the next couple of months. "It's titled 'The Fall', and it's coming out in May. Early May. I don't have an exact date yet, but...I'm doing my CD release party at the Whiskey Girl in the Stockyards on May 10th, so I may wait until the next week to actually drop it.". The new CD will feature Roberts' latest single, 'The Truth'. I mentioned that the single is a little different sounding. She replied, "Thank you. I consider that a compliment. You know...it's actually hard for me personally to write anything that hasn't happened in my life. I'll try, but it always kinda leads back to something obviously I've experienced or been through. And 'The Truth' was definitely one of the harder songs I've ever had to write. I had to get it out, I had to compel myself to write this song, cause it's truly stripped down, how I felt when I was writing it and how I still do." Take a listen to the first part of our conversation:

Heather Roberts Interview - Part 1

Take a listen to a sample of 'The Truth' here:

Heather has an interesting guitar. "It's a Minnaert Guitar. They're one of my sponsors out of Anaheim, California. My husband was looking for someone to build me a custom guitar and he found them and we were just blown away...the whole fretboard is Texas themed inlays. The Alamo, the banner of the Ft. Worth Stockyards, yellow roses...There's a pecan tree, which is our state tree, and there's a heart with mine and my husband's initials look like they're carved in there. And then below it is my daughter's initials on it as well. That's one of my favorites, but I like the head stock [that says] 'Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death'."

After describing her guitar, Heather played the title track from her upcoming CD, 'The Truth'. Check it out here:

Heather Roberts Interview - Part 2

After we wrapped up our radio conversation, I picked Heather's brain for her thoughts on why there are so few female Texas singer-songwriters appearing on the music charts. "I get on my soapbox about this...there's such a powerhouse of females. Especially in my area of Ft. Worth. And it's everywhere now...I think, I've heard that it's because these females come along hot and heavy, and they kind of just fade away after a couple of years.  And there's no investment in them...We're here to stay, it's just a matter of, I think ascerting yourself that 'yes, we can hang with the guys'. That's kind of my cause in the scene. That's why I started HeRo's Ladies Music Fest in the Ft. Worth area. You could have an entire day of music, without ever being silent, of different girls singing. There's that many. I'm not sure why it's not reflected more [on the Texas charts].". Roberts also addressed stereotypes about females in music. Take a listen to what she has to say:

Heather Roberts Interview - Web Extra

You can find Heather Roberts, get details on her CD release and see where she's playing live at her official website, and be sure "like" the Heather Roberts Band on Facebook, too!