If you had all the money in the world and could just go buy anything what would it be? A new house, a sports car, jewelry, a bra?...well, if it's the Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra you might. So really, what on earth would you spend your money on; here's a few ideas.

As I mentioned the Victoria's Secret Fantasy Treasure Bra is actually something you can own if you have the money. It's not just a bra either. This one comes completely loaded with jewels. It has two 14 ct. yellow diamonds, two 8 ct. white diamonds, pearls, citrines, aquamarines and smaller diamonds all set in 18 ct. yellow and white gold. It can be yours for just $2.5 Million (guys it doesn't come with the model).

What about a yacht. I've always thought that a yacht would be the absolute best present. Some of these new yachts aren't just pretty inside but are beautiful outside too. They have the top of the line motors are built for comfort and speed, and have every amenity you could possibly want. They have helicopter pads, pools, room below for your smaller speed boat and water crafts. Yes, I think a yacht and my own private island would be just perfect!

Well when you get back on land you are going to need some wheels to get you around town. How about the new Ferrari FF. Yes, it's pretty, handles well in all conditions, and it's a FERRARI!!! Did I mention its pretty?

There, if you were looking for something to get your favorite DJ this year for Christmas maybe I've sparked some ideas. And by the way I'm kinda partial to that yacht and island thing.