We all have a tough schedule to deal with every week but I'm not sure any of us have it as tough as Earl Dibbles Jr.  Earl is a hard working singer...um, I mean "Country Boy". Just ask him.

I have worked in radio for almost 20 years now and I don't think I've seen anything this funny before. Then again it did come from an fellow Aggie (no comments please). Granger Smith is a very talented singer/songwriter that has made a great name for himself in the Texas Music business. Most times his music is deep, reflective and quite mature. However, recently Earl Dibbles Jr. took over Granger's body and well, it's an interesting ride to say the least.

Remember when Chris Gaines took over Garth's body. That didn't work out to well, but Earl, he's down to earth and very relateable. Earl seems to be doing just fine.

I received the Earl Dibble's single a few weeks ago but hadn't had a chance to listen to it until this week. Then, of course, I had to do some research on this artist that had sent me this great song. To my surprise, I found that Earl has a schedule. Something that makes him a hardworking country boy to the bone.

Now, Earl has made a video to accompany his single about himself "The Country Boy Song."He's even hosting a contest for you to show your inner "country boy". You could win (1) new Ranch Hand grille guard and a phone call from THE Earl Dibbles Jr.
or (2) a Dibbles replica guitar and a phone call or (3) some signed merchandise and a phone call from the country boy.

Can your homemade video compete? For more information on the contest see Granger Smith's website.