The University of Connecticut has a major donor to their football program who now wants his money back and the family name taken off the football complex.  He claims his opinions and voice was not heard or respected during the  hiring of the new football coach.

Robert Burton, chief executive officer of Greenwich, Conn.-based Burton Capital Management, said in a Jan. 19 letter to UConn athletic director Jeff Hathaway that his opinions were ignored and he did not support the way Paul Pasqualoni was selected as coach.

Now I realize this man donates a lot of money to the program, that however, does not give him the right to tell the University who they will or won't hire.  That is a decision that is, as it should be, made by the athletic director and staff of the school.  That is a job they were hired to do.   He is not the "owner" of this team, he is simply a donor.

He now wants to remove the football scholarships from the team and reallocate the funds to another department.  That IS his choice but it's not fair to the current players receiving the scholarship.  He is punishing them for something that they have nothing to do with.  Without the scholarship these players may very well not be able to finish school, as many of them have no other way of getting through school without the help.  This man seems very self-absorbed,arrogant and petty.  If he wanted to be the athletic director then maybe he should have pursued a different career; he is a printing executive.

I personally think the school should find funds to help the current scholarship recipients make it to graduation and tell this guy he can keep his opinion and his money!!