We all know Kevin Fowler for his free-spirited, infectious songs that help define the Texas Country Music genre. His live show is a party every time every time he takes the stage. The man is an outstanding entertainer, deserving of his popularity and huge fan base. But every time I see him playing for a packed house, or hear his song on the radio, I think of a slightly different Kevin Fowler. A real good guy.

When I first met Kevin Fowler, he was late to an interview. I was waiting backstage for him to show up in a trailer at Ziegfest at Lake Bryan in College Station on a hot day in 2008. Inside the trailer was about 200 degrees, and I was waiting to ask a few questions to Fowler, the last of several big stars I had the honor of meeting. But he wasn't there.

I thought, "What a jerk. Another hotshot singer who thinks the world revolves around him.".

As I waited, sweat pouring down my face, I decided to take a walk to find a cold drink, and check on my son, Nathan, (who begged me to take him to Ziegfest to see the guy who sings his favorite song, 'Long Line of Losers'). Nathan wandered off to the lake to toss stones into the lake while I worked.

I found a cold drink, then headed toward the lake to check on my kid. I didn't see him by the lake, and couldn't see him anywhere as I pivoted to scan the entire backstage area.

About 3 seconds from freaking out, I finally heard his voice shouting "Daddy! Daddy!". I swiveled around to see my kid, playing with a golden retriever, and talking with the man who held the leash. As I jogged over to Nathan, I started to recognize the guy who was walking his dog. It was Kevin Fowler. Playing with my son. One of his biggest fans.

Fowler was late to his interview because he was spending a few minutes creating a lifelong memory for my boy. He didn't know whose kid that was, just that the child walked up and said "Are you Kevin Fowler?". That was enough for Kevin to identify he was a fan, and chat with the boy. Meanwhile, I fumbled around for my camera to take a photo, shook Kevin's hand, and completely forgot about the fact that he owed me an interview.


It's easy to assume that a popular entertainer might not give a crap about anybody but himself, but what happened that afternoon made me realize that Kevin Fowler is not that guy. By the way, when we finally caught up for our interview, he even (unnecessarily) apologized to me.

Got a story like this one about any of your favorite celebrities?

Here's Nathan's favorite Kevin Fowler song, "Long Line of Losers", performed on the Texas Music Scene TV show: