The Titanic sank on April 10, 1912.  That's 100 years ago this coming April.  Now a cruise line is offering a Titanic Memorial Cruise that will retrace the exact route the original ship took; hopefully minus the end result. 

This cruise will offer history buffs, descendants of Titanic passengers and just "cruisers" in general to be on the same route at the exact time the original ship met it's fate.   There are actually 2 main cruises celebrating the "anniversary" or "in memory of" the Titanic event and then a mini-cruise as well.

The first cruise is the Titanic Memorial Cruise ( 12 days) and is set to leave Southampton, New York on April 8th.  That cruise is already booked out.  However, there are a few cabins left on the Titanic Anniversary Cruise (8 days) which will sail April 10th. Then there is the mini-Titanic cruise (5-days) leaving April 3rd. Southampton, by the way,  is the destination the Titanic survivors ported.

On board activities on these cruises include history lectures, food & drinks featured on the Titanic, period costumes, memorial services, a visit to 3 cemeteries (sounds like a blast) and Titanic themed entertainment.

Now I'm sure for many, especially those who had descendents on the Titanic this would be quite a trip.  However, for me, I look forward to having fun, sunning on the deck, having a few adult beverages and booking my excursions at port not celebrating the sinking of a cruise liner similar to the one I am currently on....just sounds like a bad omen to me.  Then again it could be quite interesting; to each his own.

Bon Voyage!!