Jana Kramer in proving to be not just a great country singer but also a pretty great actress as well. Jana has played Alex Dupre on the CW's 'One Tree Hill', and she has 2 new movies coming out soon. The movie 'Heart of the Country' turned out to be a passionate role for Jana and she's proud of the outcome.

The movie revolves around Faith (Jana's character) having to find out what's most important to her and it's not always what's easiest. After moving to New York to become a singer Faith ends up getting married to someone she loved but didn't know as well as she thought. Her husband gets arrested for Wall Street fraud and she ends up going back home to North Carolina.

In N.C. she has to explore her broken relationship with her dad (played by Gerald McRaney), a sister she left behind, the sudden death of her mom years before and feelings for a new man named Lee.

She tries to rebuild the relationship with her dad, face her emotions about losing her mother, and try to rebuild the broken relationship with her jailed husband.

It's a very emotional movie and Jana seems to do a wonderful job of making it both relateable and believable. Her performance is real, not over the top. No specific release date has been given but it is slated for 2013.

Not only will Jana be starring in 'Heart of the Country' but she also has a war-themed drama coming up titled "Approaching Midnight". Jana will soon be planning her wedding to fellow country artist Brantley Gilbert too. Check out the movie trailer here.

'Heart of the Country' Trailer