College football uniforms are evolving before our very eyes.   You have the Nike Pro Combat uniforms, Under Armour and more. I’ve seen some pretty cool looking new uniforms this year like what Oregon has got going on, but then I’ve seen some pretty jacked up looking uniforms like Maryland’ s.  Let’s take a closer look at some of College football’s best and worst uniforms of 2011.



Maryland has 32 different combinations of jersey’s including the hideous ones they wore on Labor Day which means this won’t be the only Maryland uniform included on this list.  The black and gold checkered stripe down the middle just screams “Taxi!!”

Notre Dame

Wow. I don’t think the ”luck of the Irish” was with them when coming up with these uniforms and it sure didn’t help them against Michigan who I think might have even worse uniforms than The Fighting Irish.



Nah, Notre Dame’s uniforms are worse.  In fact, I kind of dig the retro look from the Wolverines.  I’m not sure about the huge ‘M’ on the front.  I mean, I know it stands for Michigan but why not put ‘Wolverines’ across the chest instead of a ‘Super Hero’ type ‘M’ on the front.


Oregon seems to be the team that has inspired many teams to change up their uniforms.  Oregon have hundreds of uniforms including the darker uniforms which you’ll see later in this list. This one, I think, is pretty cool.



The Bulldogs pulled out these uniforms against Boise State.  Unfortunately, their new digs didn’t help them as they lost to a team that were sporting a new uniform themselves.  Even though Boise State won the game, Georgia wins the battle of uniforms as you’ll soon see why.  I like these uniforms and think they should stick with them.

Boise State

Speaking of Boise State, check out their new all white uniforms. Known for their blue field as well as their trickery to beat Oklahoma in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl, Boise State is now on probation for the next three years for violating NCAA rules.  The uniform is OK, but I don’t like the white bronco on the white helmet.  Kind of reminds me of something Power Rangers would wear.


What, in the wide world of sports, is going on with Maryland’s uniforms?  It’s like they couldn’t decide on which uniform to pick so they just blended two of them together.  When I was a kid and my Dad would take several opened boxes of cereal and put them in one bowl because he couldn’t decide which cereal to eat.  That was uncalled for just like these uniforms.   I understand the fact that they are blending their two crests together, but come on, man!


Oregon makes this list twice because, well, they simply have some awesome uniforms. The black on black with the neon green, worn against LSU, are intimidating and just look pretty darn cool.



Obviously, Texas is on my list because I think they have the best uniforms.  I’m not just saying that because I’m a huge Longhorn fan.  OK, so maybe I am.  But, this is my list, so I can.  Texas has one of the most classic uniforms and they just look sharp whether they are in the burnt orange jersey’s or the white jersey’s.

So, those are some of my picks for College football’s best and worst uniforms for 2011. There are many, many more out there. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

What are some of your favorite and least favorite college football uniforms this year?