Whiskey Myers' lead singer Cody Cannon and his band have been hard at work, promoting their music for more than 4-plus years now. The pace they keep with the shows speaks to the dedication and love for music they have. Cody took time before the band's concert at the Lucky Mule Saloon to talk on KEAN-105 about the latest from the Whiskey Myers camp.

Among the topics of discussion, Cody told us about how the band gets along when they're around each other on tour all the time. Cannon also shared insight on the progress of Whiskey Myers' third CD, and confirmed that they still have the goal of booking a show on the moon. Yes, the moon. Here's how the conversation unfolded:

As we discussed, Whiskey Myers keep their tour schedule very full. Check out the bands' full calendar of events here. Their first two CD's, 'Road of Life' and 'Firewater' are available through their official website.