Over the last few years Cody Canada has been with 'a band'. He, of course, was the front man of Cross Canadian Ragweed and most recently of The Departed. Now Cody is stepping out solo for an album "Some Old, Some New, Maybe a Cover or Two" to be released this November.

The Departed will continue to make music (minus guitarist Seth James who will leave the band this November) and tour and even have a new studio album planned for early 2014. However, Cody recorded his acoustic album this summer at Third Coast Music in Port Aransas, TX.

The album, as the title suggests, has some old CCR songs, some from The Departed and a cover tune or two sprinkled in.

Here is a peek at the track listing from Cody's upcoming solo project:


1. If You're Ever In Oklahoma
2. Down

3. Breakdown

4. 250,000 Things To Do

5. Ruby Ridge

6. Pay

7. 17

8. Record Exec

9. Harvest Moon

10. Bluebonnets

11. 51 Pieces

12. Constantly

13. Flowers

14. Cold Hard Fact

15. Dead Man

16. Broken

17. Brooklyn Kid

18. Damned Old Happy Times

19. Unwound