Remember the 70's TV show "CHiP's" with Ponch (Erik Estrada) and Jon (Larry Wilcox)?  Well Larry has been caught in a FBI sting that resulted in a probationary sentence for securities fraud.  I don't really understand stocks and such but he was getting kickbacks from small company stock promoters.  He has received 500 hours of community service but could have received as much as 5 years in prison.  Guess he wasn't making enough royalties from the show!

This is disappointing for me.  I loved CHiP's as a kid. I had the biggest crush on "Jon".  I even had a ride-able police bike and a note pad that I would use to give my dog tickets for various violations.  He never paid them either.

I loved to play CHiP's and Dukes of Hazzard....I made a great Daisy Duke.  I guess it just goes to show we shouldn't put celebrities on a pedestal they are, after all, just human like the rest of us.