I just can't see why Charlie Sheen can't get it together.  He has a hit sitcom, beautiful kids and people around him that seem to really care (his dad especially) but he just can't seem to keep his head above water.  His behavior is extremely erratic, uncivilized, dangerous and I'm sure embarrassing to friends and family.If I were one of the crew or other actors on the "Two And A Half Men" set I would be furious with this man.  He's been given every opportunity to get himself cleaned up and strait, he throws those chances away, similar to Lindsey Lohan.  He is jeopardizing their pay, their careers and their friendship.  It seems to me he doesn't care about anyone or anything except himself and of course sees himself as indestructible.

The producers of the show know his worth and the success of the of the show depending on him so they have taken a hiatus from taping so he can do his "in home rehab"(which is a joke in it's self) .  Now he is bashing the people that have stood by him and want him to get better. They have been, at least publicly, nothing but protective and supportive.

He talked with radio host Dan Patrick during a call in and had this to say about the show being on hiatus.

"No," Sheen said. "We're on forced hiatus. They said you get ready, we'll get ready, and I got ready and went back, and nobody's there. I don't know what to tell you, Dan. Nobody's there."

He added, "I'm here and I'm ready. They're not. Bring it."


So if this was someone you worked with and they pretty much held your future in the palm of their hand and didn't seem to give a poop about whether or not you could continue to provide for your family what would you do?  I think they all need to have an "intervention" with Sheen and even put it on the A&E channel for everyone to see, take away his $2 million per episode and never hire him again until he gets cleaned up and can be civil!