Abilene Has Several Locations Where You Can Register to Vote
I checked with Elections Administrator's in Nolan, Brown and Taylor Counties, there appears to be two things all three administrators agree upon,  one is 'the best way to get registered to vote'. Kristi Allyn, the Taylor County Elections Administrator said the guaranteed best way to get registered, …
Obama Bear Hugger Facing Yelp Backlash
You've probably already seen the photo of Big Apple Pizza owner Scott Van Duzer giving Barack Obama a mighty bear hug hug during a campaign stop the President made in Fort Pierce, FL over the weekend.
The picture started to go viral on Sunday, and suddenly Van Duzer became an instant-celebrity who is…
Exuberant Fan Catches Obama In Crushing Bear Hug
While on the campaign trail in Fort Pierce, Florida, yesterday, President Barack Obama found himself on the receiving end of a monster bear hug courtesy of a 6-foot, 3-inch tall restaurant owner weighing 260 pounds. Where's the Secret Service when you need them?
The Funniest Hats of the Democratic National Convention
These guys might be on to something. It turns out if you put your support for Barack Obama on a ridiculous hat on your head, you still have your hands free for clapping. Because you’re going to need them for speeches and also dancing awkwardly. This lady isn’t the onl…

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