Celebrity feuds seem to be increasing these days, but one celeb I never thought would be getting involved would be Blake Shelton. The usually fun-loving and joking country music star and coach on ‘The Voice’ has been drawn into a war of words with the reality show’s king of offensive comments, Simon Cowell.

Cowell, creator and judge of the FOX show ‘X Factor’, showed his distaste for ‘The Voice’ and NBC, the network that airs the prime time show. It all began when it was announced that the two hit shows will be going against one another in the ratings, rather than airing on opposing nights. Cowell didn’t like NBC’s decision, and let everyone who would listen know how he felt.

“I think it’s mean-spirited, and I hope and I pray that it backfires on them, because it’s one of the best shows we’ve ever made”, said Simon, who also mentioned that airing ‘The Voice’ on three consecutive nights was overkill, and viewers will choose ‘X Factor’. That's interesting, because I seem to recall 'American Idol' doing the same thing while he was a judge on that show. Yet, he didn't express his displeasure at the time. Anyway, Simon seems to believe there is some kind of a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ between the two shows and networks that was breeched.

Shelton followed in an interview with Access Hollywood:

“Every time I turn around the guy is mouthing off. Don’t y’all wish you had time to sit around and b***h and moan like that guy does?"

But wait. There’s more.

"Every time I turn around, he’s mouthing off about our show…do your own show! Come on! Put something together there and do your thing. We’ll just do ours and we won’t mouth off about you…I wish I had that much time. The guy must just have more free time than he knows what to do with.”

‘The Voice’ did beat out ‘X Factor’ in the ratings last year, but that was before Britney Spears was added to a new panel of judges. Blake shared his opinion of her, which was surprisingly positive:

"With Britney, everybody expects there’s going to be some kind of car crash with her, but it’s not. She’s very switched on, very focused. She has good taste, and from working with her you can understand why she’s lasted so long in the industry."

Which show are you rooting for to win in the ratings?