We all want to look our best so when the new season of fashion's rolls around it's time to re-evaluate our wardrobe. Maybe we keep some of the pieces we already have, maybe we add a few accessories or maybe we do a complete overhaul. Here are a few of the new things to look for this Spring.It seems that what's old, will be new again; with a flashback to the 60's and the tailored yet feminine classics of the Jackie O era. Lots of prints, geometrics, stripes, skirts and dresses.


Stripes and geometric shapes are going to be big this year. Prints will always carry through Spring. Animal prints and vivid flower prints will also make fashion statements this year. Sheer, lace and crocheted tops are showing up this year as well.


The colors of spring are going to be black and white! (love it) However, red, navy and softer more pale shades of yellow, pink, mint green and violet will also be big. There will also be a little something for those who want to step on wild side.

Neon's will be big in the shoe and handbag area. Even for men (ah, the neon shoes not the handbags). Also look for lots of iridescent and snake prints on shoes.


Speaking of shoes it seems we might be taking a step down from those sky high stilettos and platforms. It seems that 'kitten heels' maybe making the biggest shoe statement of the season. Stilettos are sexy, platforms a little easier to walk in than the stiletto,but they are both a pain to wear for someone with foot problems...AKA Me! So I'm a little excited to see the classic heels coming back. And really how many of us can actually walk in the stiletto and make it look effortless?

Must Haves:

Now for some staple pieces you need to invest in this season. Tailored jackets/blazers, colorful/printed tees, tailored Bermuda shorts, polka dot or striped pants, pencil skirt, flowing dresses. This years styles are sharp and pulled together yet easy and relaxed.

Most of us can't afford to create a whole new wardrobe every season. I will maybe pick up a new skirt and jacket and invest in a few new tops to mix and match and I'm going to recycle those pumps I used to wear. I never throw out anything, I new they would be back in style one day!

NY Fashion Week-Spring Trends 2013