We're giving away a trip to see and meet Florida Georgia Line at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado. While you may know every word to all of Florida Georgia Line's hit songs, we thought you'd like to get to know Brian Kelly and Tyler Hubbard, and get the inside scoop on the country duo.In this video, Kelly and Hubbard give us the inside scoop about how it all started. Hubbard began leading worship in his church, and found his musical partner on the campus of Belmont college. "We thought we just wanted to be songwriters." says Hubbard. "That's kind of our first passion. Then, we just started playing songwriters runs in Nashville, and kind of figuring people were coming to watch us to hear our stuff. We graduated college, didn't know what we wanted to do next, and decided 'Hey, let's do this music thing together'."

Probably the most impressive fact is that FGL didn't even play their first show together until 2009, only three years before they exploded onto the scene with 'Cruise'. They've racked up a career's worth of accomplishments in half-a-decade! Check out the whole video here:

The past five years have seen Brian and Tyler explode onto the scene, with their debut single, 'Cruise' setting the record as the best-selling country digital song of all time. The duo's first album saw all five single releases reach the top 5 of the Billboard Country chart. With their new album due out in October, FGL have set the bar pretty high for record #2. I think they're up to the task.