Bart Crow has had a few bumps in the road recently but he's back now and has a great new single out to radio, has been back out on the road touring and now has a brand new video.

In November of last year Bart was sidelined with a back surgery, that went well, but put his career on hold for a bit. It was an old injury that plagued him for many years. He had his L5 disc removed and replaced with a portion of his hip bone.

Having a brother myself with similar back problems, I can attest that this is not a simple procedure and recovery time can be slow going. However, Bart is already back out on the road as of this month and has a single doing well on the Texas Music Charts (top 10) and even made a video to support the new single 'Dandelion'.

We'll just call him "Superman". Glad he's back on radio and the road. Check out his new video; it's pretty intense and I love the song!

Bart Crow-'Dandelion'