Well it looks like your pocket addiction of Angry Birds has come to Facebook. It debuted yesterday, Tuesday, so getting your work done this week might be a little difficult for some.

I am a Facebook gamer but I've never gotten into Angry Birds but I know for many it has been an iPhone addiction. With over 500 million downloads it has a huge following. You can add that to the huge Facebook following and you have one of the biggest games ever.

Who new that sling shooting a little bird could be so fascinating to so many. The marketing folks are hoping to make lots of money off of the game too. You will be able to upgrade your game and buy special items for a small fee; that's where the company makes money.

As with other Facebook games you will be able to compete and play with other "friends" and post your scores to your news feed. Please don't send me an invite to this game, I don't need another game to play!!

Here's the Facebook game link to get you started if you so wish!  Have fun!