If you grew up in the '80s then you more than likely had a Cabbage Patch Kid if not multiple 'kids'. I had 2; Gretchen and Michael, and yes, I still have them. It was a huge craze and every little girl wanted one. I remember them being in such demand that fights in the stores would break out between parents trying to grab just one doll for their kid. Well, now you can turn your own real child into a Cabbage Patch Kid.

Amanda Lillie, of Georgia, and owner of The Lillie Pad, started making crocheted hats or wigs, if you will, for babies. She sold a few on her 'Etsy' site and all of a sudden her creation is going viral on social media. Amanda, too, is a child of the 80's and loved the dolls growing up.

It takes 2-3 hours for her to crochet one of the wigs. She sells the pattern on her Etsy site and says even a novice can crochet one of these wigs in about a day. Most of the wigs are for babies under the age of 1 year old but she also makes them in adult sizes too. They make for a good Halloween costume accessory.

I may have to try this myself. I recently learned to knit the spiral scarves that are so popular right now, so this is something else I could add to my repertoire. These are super cute on little girls and would be a great winter hat! If I start now, I might have one ready by winter; even though she says a novice can complete one in about a day.