It's funny but it's not. Now this is a man who has the biggest mouth of anyone I've ever seen and it looks like he's going to get a visit from the tooth fairy. Singer Steven Tyler took a pretty good fall Tuesday in the bathtub that took out two teeth and left him pretty beat up. However, he's kept his humor about the whole thing and says it wasn't drug related.

Tyler was at his hotel in Paraguay when he got in the shower began to feel nauseous and sick and just passed out. Turns out he had food poisoning. He woke up with the water running and his manager calling the American Embassy to find a hospital. He knocked out two teeth and received 4 stitches for a cut over his eye.

Tyler who is 63 has battled sobriety for a long time, in 2009 he fell off the wagon but has been sober, he says, since then. He says this was an illness due to food poisoning not alcohol or drug related. He understands that people might think that but it's just not the case.

He was to play a concert that evening (Tuesday) but they ended up performing to a record breaking crowd Wednesday night instead. He says short of having his leg cut off people expect him to be on stage, the show must go on.