The Abilene Ruff Riders announced last week that the team’s new ownership and management want to enlist the help of the fans and community to help completely rebrand the team for the upcoming 2013 season.

“The history of the Ruff Riders actually began in Katy, Texas in 2007 and later moved to Abilene in 2009. The team has continued to use the same name carried over from Katy for 4 years now, which was a name it came to town with, not a name Abilene and the community created. Our plan is for Abilene, our fans and the community to have the opportunity to be involved in the name and look of the Franchise. Simply put, we want to give Abilene the opportunity to make this team its own! It is our belief that this process will further the owners goal of being closer to the community and its values. We are seeking input from the community on what they want the team to be and this is an open book to let Abilene have its say on the future look of the team.”

The contest to rename the team will be held online and ends in August. The team also want a mascot name to be submitted with your proposed team name. The winner will receive 4 season VIP tickets, 4 t-shirts and other goodies.

You can email your submissions to or submit it here.

What do you think will be a good name for the team?