Yellowstone's Season 5 premiere featured some interesting dynamics between Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) and Carter (Finn Little), and in a new interview, Hauser says their relationship will continue to evolve throughout the season — but not without challenges.

Little joined the cast of Yellowstone in Season 4 in the role of Carter, who Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) decides to take under her wing after both of his parents die. His relationship with Rip is initially difficult, but by the end of Season 4, the stern ranch foreman is beginning to develop more respect for Carter. Hauser says that will continue in Season 5, but it won't be an entirely smooth road.

"It's a slow burn," Hauser tells Taste of Country in an interview to promote the new season, which premiered on Sunday (Nov. 13) with a special two-part episode.

The season opener showed Rip offering Carter the chance to ride along with the men while they perform their day's work, conferring a new respect on him. But he doesn't go easy on him, and the experiment ends badly after Carter has an accident that results in the loss of a horse.

"You know, Rip's not just gonna open the floodgates and say, 'Come here, kid,'" Hauser explains. "It's always going to be a bit of tough love. But that's the way he was raised, and he was raised by John that way, and I think that's consistent to who he is as a person."

Hauser says that despite his gruff exterior and his own difficult background, Rip has a lot to offer Carter as a mentor and father figure.

"I mean, work ethic is a huge one," he tells ToC in an interview that took place while he was in New York City during a press junket in early November. "I think consistency of character. Loyalty, honor, friendship. There's a ton of things that he has. And also, just being a great horseman, and understanding the land and where you are and where you fit within the ranch and the pecking order. There's tons of stuff that's really juicy this year with us."

Yellowstone Season 5 is an extra-long season consisting of 14 episodes, which will air in arcs of seven episodes apiece.

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