Microsoft's Xbox Entertainment Studios finally has its first original show. Though plans for franchises like Halo are already in place, the streaming content branch spearheaded by Nancy Tellem has greenlit a new series about... soccer?

According to Deadline, 'Every Street United' will be the first unscripted show produced for Xbox Entertainment Studios. The tentative plan is to release the show in conjunction with the 2014 World Cup. Each 30-minute episode will take place in a new country, with the core focus being to find the best undiscovered street soccer stars. Though details are still being worked out, Deadline also reported the final episode would be shot at the World Cup, and could feature the show's talent in a 4-on-4 tournament.

As soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, and there happens to be the most prestigious tournament in sport taking place next year, 'Every Street United' makes a lot of sense. It's a bit surprising to hear this announcement as one of the first from the Xbox Entertainment division, but the show should certainly help Microsoft capture more of an international audience.