As wild hogs continue to decimate farm and ranch lands across the country, hog hunters seem to be getting more adventuresome. Would you hunt bear with a stick or a hog with an air rifle? Well, the answer to one of those is yes. Recently I was watching one of my favorite hunting shows when the host said, "we're going to hunt wild hogs with a .177 caliber air rifle." And they did!
It's like a typical tall tale "there I was face to face with the wild beast, and all I had was my trusty Red Ryder BB gun," it just sounds like a fish tale. I wouldn't have believed any of it, until I saw it for myself. Of course the hunter had a little help from his dogs that corner the wild hog and then, whack the kill shot from his trusty .177 caliber air rifle.
Warning this video is pretty graphic and shows the hunting and killing of a real wild hog.