In April of 2011, singer Whitney Duncan's cousin, Holly Bobowas abducted; her remains were found more than three years later. It's a tragedy no one should ever have to go through, and while music can often be therapeutic, it took over six years for Duncan to write a song for her cousin. The result, however, is emotional, comforting and extremely personal.

On Wednesday (July 12), Duncan's band Post Monroe released a lyric video for that song, "Better Place." The clip is filled with home movies from Duncan's family, making the project all the more personal.

"When my cousin, Holly Bobo, went missing over six years ago, people started asking when I was going to write a song for her. However, the timing never felt right -- the wound was too fresh for me and my family. I have hardly ever been able to talk about it without my emotions taking over," Duncan states on Facebook. "As time has gone by, I have finally been able to realize what I wanted to say to her."

Duncan wrote "Better Place" with her Post Monroe bandmates, Ashlee Hewitt and Shelby McLeod, and another of her cousins, Jonathan Singleton. Lyrics such as “I bet you don’t miss this town nobody leaves / And that lonesome red light blinks / Your old Mustang, your room, it’s the same / You probably don’t miss a thing / Because your heart don’t break / In your better place" are honest and raw, with Duncan and Post Monroe's seamless vocals rounding the sound out.

"I didn't get the chance to say goodbye to Holly or have a final conversation with her, so this song is my way of filling her in on everything since she's been gone," Duncan adds. "Life has moved on in some ways, yet it also feels like time stands still sometimes, but not a day goes by that I don't think of her. I wanted to release this song to honor her. No matter what happened here on Earth, I know she's in Heaven, and her heart isn't broken, even if ours is."

Per News Channel 5, a judge was forced to postpone the start date of Bobo's murder trial because state prosecutors announced that they had found the weapon used to kill her. The trial is now scheduled for Sept. 11.

Fans can download "Better Place" for free on Noisetrade. Donations made as payment for the song are going toward the Holly Bobo Memorial Scholarship Fund.

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