Whiskey Myers' self-titled and self-produced '19 album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Country Albums chart. That's right, no matter what happens from here, the guys can always say that for one week in October of 2019 they sold more albums, world-wide, than any country act. That's something.

To close out the year, the guys' latest single "Rolling Stone" spent several weeks at No. 1 in Texas. But today we take a look back to an amazing live performance of "Stone."

"Stone," has become a fan favorite off, Mud, but it hits even harder, more raw, and more real when it's just front man Cody Cannon, a guitar, and accordion.

“It’s just a song about my life unfortunately," Cannon tells Wes Langeler at Whiskey Riff. "A lot of people are real liking it and that’s really why we do this. People see things like that in their own life and maybe it’ll help them. Every word of it is very true, man.”

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