As I was trolling through Facebook I ran across a video that made me laugh. I like laughing so I thought I should share it with you as well. A bear sits behind a rather skimpy fence. When someone in a car waves at the bear he sits up a waves back, like that's what bears are supposed to do!Upon further research, this bear is resides in a park called the Olympic Game Farm in Washington state. It is known as the 'Home of the Waving Bears'. This is a special 'retirement home' for animals that have been trained for Disney movies.

Some of the movies that these trained animals have appeared in include 'Grizzly Adams' and 'Charlie the Lonesome Cougar'; both movies I enjoyed as a kid. Country singer Carrie Underwood has even used the bears in a music video. The park now allows drive through and walk up tours where you can interact with the animals.

Carrie Underwood - See You Again (look for bears at 1:33 marker)

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