Waterloo Revival are coming to Abilene on February 21st to open the Roger Creager show at the Lucky Mule. But don't be surprised if the Austin-based band is headlining more than their share of big shows in the near future. This up-and-coming country act has got loads of talent, and it shows with their latest song and video, 'Texas Rodeo'.

With a smooth country sound, WR inject enough red dirt to let you know where they're from. And their latest single, 'Texas Rodeo' off the EP 'White Lightning' leaves a pretty obvious hint, too. George Birge, Cody Cooper and Jason Klann founded Waterloo Revival, and even though the band formed in 2012, they sound like they've been making music together for a decade. Check out the video for their latest single:

Waterloo Revival - Texas Rodeo

'Texas Rodeo' is a Texas country music lover's song, and should play well anywhere you can find a dance floor in the Lone Star State. Be sure to get to the Lucky Mule early on Feb. 21st for these guys. You can keep track of Waterloo Revival on their official website, "like" their Facebook page or follow the band on Twitter, and stay up on the latest on this very cool band.

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