'Parks and Recreation' star Rashida Jones stopped by 'Conan' last night to promote the show and her new film 'Celeste & Jesse Forever.' During the interview, Jones brought up a game she'd become accustomed to playing that was introduced to her by another 'Parks and Rec' star, Amy Poehler.

Mustache TV. Ever heard of it?

Apparently, members of the audience had. And after hearing the explanation -- and knowing the type of comic Poehler happens to be -- it's hard for one to think something other than, 'Yeah, I can see Amy Poehler playing that.'

For those who are curious, the game is rather simple. Draw a mustache on a piece of paper (or just sketch one on your television if you're so desperate to play), stick it on the TV and pray to God that someone on your screen walks behind the mustache. And then? Well, that's it. Bask in the glory of your victory,  you winner, because you've conquered Mustache TV!

And of course, in true Conan fashion, the Irishman had to give it a go, inviting Andy and Rashida to join in on the fun. Something tells us Jones might have gotten the idea for the game from her 'Parks and Rec' costar Nick Offerman, aka mustache and bacon aficionado Ron Swanson.