**ORIGINALLY POSTED OCTOBER 2019** While The Houston Astros fell to the Washington Nationals last night in Game 7 of The World Series, it was a well fought series. And, hey, we can take solace in two things: the 'Stros will be back, and in the fact that Cody Johnson's rendition of our National Anthem was patriotic country perfection.

The Texas native wasn't phased a bit as he belted out The Star Spangled Banner in his signature twang. The heir apparent to the King of Country gave the tens of thousands in attendance, and the millions more watching at home a stellar performance that was broadcast for a national television audience on FOX.

Ultimately their earned home field advantage didn't pan out for the 'Stros, for the first time in World Series history no home team won a game. More like home field disadvantage, amirite?

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