Sheriff Les Bruce has issued Taylor County’s first ever Dog House Warrant ordering me, Rudy 'Fearless Fernandez' to be confined in the Rescue-SPCA dog house at Catclaw and Southwest Drive from 4pm Friday April 13 until 7pm Saturday, April 14.

I will be on location broadcasting live off-and-on throughout this emergency adoption and fundraiser. The North Shore Animal League, Rescue the Animals, SPCA and PetSmart are bringing animals from all over West Texas for a huge three day emergency adoption this weekend. Every spring hundreds of unwanted puppies and kittens are born. This year there is a crisis with the huge number of homeless dogs and cats all over West Texas. We have to save over 100 animals this weekend alone.

Paul Washburn Rescue the Animals founder said, "I am sending Abilene’s best man to the front lines in the fight to save homeless animals, whether he wants to go or not! His mission is to broadcast live and bring attention to these animals that are on death row. Rudy is a tireless worker for our community and I am sure he can get the job done".

Rescue the Animals and PetSmart will offer specials for people who already have pets. $5.00 Microchips, $19.99 Shots throughout the weekend event. North Shore Animal League America Tour for Life will be here, it's their only 2-day stop in  the United States. Now, check out this video it shows animals faces and you can see and feel their sorrow, pain and loneliness.

Please come out and support this worthwhile cause, even if you can't have a pet at least support our mission with a donation, because all donations will be matched by an anonymous donor. Will you help?