Wade Bowen brings out a big crowd everywhere he goes, and Abilene is no exception. He sold out the Lucky Mule last November, and aims to do the same this Friday (4/25). Wade talked about his return to Abilene, his charity golf outing, his new CD, and even offers up his thoughts on the state of country music in an exclusive interview on the KEAN 105 Afternoon Show.

We covered a lot of ground in the few minutes Wade spent on the air with us. After packing the Mule with adoring fans in November, Bowen looks to see a repeat this time around. He tells us, "Yeah, man, I sure hope so. We had an absolute blast there (in November), so, can't wait to get back to Abilene and see what happens.". I also asked Bowen about his 16th annual golf outing that's coming up in a few weeks in Waco. "There are still a few spots left. The event itself is June 1st and 2nd...the concert is going to include over 15 artists. A lot of my buddies, and a lot of guys we're bringing in to try to entertain a great crowd. It's everything. All kinds of music...And then the golf tournament itself is on June 2nd...last year this event for [the Bowen Family Foundation] raised over $230,000. So, it's a really good event. I think it's a first-class event that's run very well, and I think people show up and have an absolute blast...it's not a serious tournament at all it's about having fun, and the concert itself ends with a jam session.". It's always a great event, and you should go if you can, whether you're a golfer or just a Texas music lover.

Wade is anxious to get a new CD out to his fans, and he shared some details as to what we can look for, and when new Wade Bowen music will be out:  "I just started cutting [songs] two weeks ago. And I'm almost done with it. So, we'll have a new single out in the next month, month-and-a-half, and then try to get this [full CD] out as early Fall as we can. And I'm really excited. I'm not sure what the actual name of it is yet, but all I know is it's not a typical Wade Bowen record. I really am going out on a limb here and trying to change things up and stir the pot a little bit and not just make another record, and trying to really capture some energy that we really need from our live shows, and try to have fun with this record, and I think you can hear it."  Wade goes into detail about taking a bit of a different approach to the new CD, telling us, "I think you will hear a more happy, more energetic Wade Bowen in this project.".

I mentioned to Wade that he recently made a list of five artists that are "changing everything you know about country music", to which Bowen "I was very honored that they thought of me, especially when you see the company that's listed there [including Brad Paisley, Miranda Lambert and Kasey Musgraves]...I love country music, and I do think that country music needs to change. I think it needs a little bit of a different flavor.". I couldn't agree more.

Wade surprised us by telling us that he has officially parted ways with his "major" record label, Sony. Call it irreconcilable  "I'm not associated with Sony anymore. We've parted ways. So, I'm doing this all on my own. Being with a label was one thing, and now that we're not, it's another [laughs]. And I'll just leave it at that. There is a sense of freedom that comes with [being independent] and I think you can hear in the songs that I've been writing for this record. There's no rules. No boundaries. You just go out and do your thing and whatever feels the best, you do that. And that's a comforting feeling, and I feel like that's when I'm at my best. When we can just relax and have fun."

Take a listen to the full interview here:

We're excited to have Wade back in Abilene, and looking forward to another amazing concert. Keep listening to KEAN 105 for your chance to get on our V.I.P. Guest List, which includes a trip backstage to meet Wade before the show!