You may not know much about the group Uncle Lucius so I'll get you updated. They are an Americana group based out of Austin, but they are making waves on the Texas Music scene. The great thing about music is, if it's good, it can cross all kinds of genres and nobody cares; it's just great music.

The guys are fairly new to the scene, but they've already been to Abilene a couple of times. Their first release was in 2006 'Something They Ain't' then in 2009 they released (independently) 'Pick Your Head Up', last year they released 'And You Are Me'. That album has kept them on the road touring and making radio stops all over Texas and beyond.

Three of the songs from the album have landed the group on the Texas Music Chart. The 5 member band is not running short of great material, as all 5 members are also songwriters. They mix a little R&B, with country and Southern rock to come up with the unique sound they are becoming known for these days. You can listen to their CD but until you've seen them perform live you haven't really 'heard' them. They are one of those bands that feeds off the crowd and that makes their music and performance just that much better.

Speaking of live performances, Uncle Lucius will be playing the Lucky Mule Saloon here in Abilene on July 21st as part of our Taste of Country Summer Concert Series. Be sure to come check out the show for yourself; you won't be disappointed.

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