Though an admittedly soapy show, it's proven no secret over the last 10 weeks that HBO's 'True Blood' earned back quite a bit of good will from the previous seasons, with further plotted course correction heading into a seventh year. Now, conversations have begun as to whether 'True Blood' season 7 will prove the final year in Bon Temps, so which way will HBO lean?

The recent HBO panel at the Television Critics Association press tour saw network president Michael Lombardo downplaying the idea of 'True Blood' season 7 closing out the series, saying “it feels like there is a new energy this season, and the show still has a large fan base.” This past Sunday's season finale "Radioactive" drew 4.1 million viewers, down from its 4.5 million premiere and previous season finale high of 5 Million, though 4.1 still represents a healthy number.

As revealed during our 'True Blood' season 7 preview however, showrunner Brian Buckner remains uncertain if HBO will continue the series for an eighth year. “That conversation is happening, but we don’t have an answer yet,” Buckner told TVLine. “I’m being told that I will know – which doesn’t mean that I will tell everybody. But I will know when the writers resume in the room [next month] whether or not we’re wrapping it up or not.”

It might stand to reason for 'True Blood' to bookend its series run with a deliberately scaled-back seventh season, something Buckner admits in trying to return 'True Blood' to its smaller first premise of vampire-human relations. Rumors have also floated that 'True Blood' season 7 will continue the 10-episode season necessitated by star Anna Paquin's pregnancy this past year, here in effort to reduce costs and commitments.

We're on board for eight seasons should HBO opt to keep 'True Blood' around a bit longer, but what say you? Should season 7 put the final nail in the coffin, regardless of renewed interest? Hit us in the comments with your 'True Blood' wishlist!