It seems like the only thing Michael Bay loves more than figuring out the biggest, most bonkers special effects for his movies, is putting together behind-the-scenes videos of those bonkers special effects during filming for all of his fans to enjoy. Last week, the official Transformers Facebook page released three new set videos showing off some of the crazy sets and stuntwork you’ll get to see in Transformers: The Last Knight.

The first one is a short compilation of what looks like some B-roll footage of Josh Duhamel and a bunch of soldiers running up a hill, probably about to do battle with something big. You can see how insanely talented the helicopter crew has to be in order to get those fast overhead shots of all the action.

The second video, and probably the best, features Mark Walhberg and Laura Haddock being spun around on some kind of nightmare carnival ride covered in green-screen material. The two actors basically have to hold on for dear life while this thing spins them upside-down, until Michael Bay decides they’ve had enough. At one point, when asked how it feels, Haddock responds, “Pretty f---ing weird!”

Bay released the final video on the last day of shooting in the UK, and uses it to tell everyone how marvelous his crew is and what a great time he’s had making this film. Say what you will about Bay’s movies, it’s clear that everyone on set has a lot of fun. In this video, you can also see some of the knights — which look more like Viking berserkers, or something out of Game of Thrones. We still have no idea how this is all going to fit together, but we know that King Arthur is involved somehow.

Transformers: The Last Knight hits theaters June 23, 2017.

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